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*  We need time to do the highest quality work.  72 hours or more prior to printing is BEST.

*  Our funeral programs typically are one sheet 11 x 17 or 8.5 x 11 of glossy card stock paper that have a limited amount of space.  Please me mindful of the amount of content
 you are submitting.

*  All program content (Cover, Obituary, Order of Service, Poem(s), Interment, and Back) can be submitted from this page or can be emailed
 No Exceptions.  Please don't send us scanned or photographed images of typed material.  It will rejected.  We DO NOTACCEPT hand written material OR information that IS NOT

*  Pictures for the program, should not be scanned larger than 150 d.p.i.  We will accept images that are text (SMS).  They may be text to (240) 547-7724.

*  If your images are too dark or low resolution, we will ask you to select another photo.

*  We will format your information to OUR design.
Please do NOT CAPITALIZE every word.  Do not use leading periods (in order of service).